Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Going to the hospital...

July 7, 2009
So here are our thoughts from the day of Evelyn's arrival...

Well today is the big day! Today, our life will change forever, yet again. We will go from a family of four (3 boys:1 girl) to a family of five (3 boys:2 girls)! I am so excited to welcome my daughter into the world! I can't wait to experience all of the girly stuff!!! I'm also a little nervous, since she will be born via c-section; my other two went so well, I hope I'm just as lucky this time. Brandon is a nervous wreck! For a big, tough police officer, he sure is bothered by the whole birthing experience! He keeps telling me that I better not die in surgery (yeah, I know, morbid...) because there is no way he could raise our children without me...I'll take that as a complement! I'm really not that worried though; I'm in God's able hands and I'm pretty sure that my work on Earth is nowhere near done...

Here's how I looked-Last shot of the big belly!!!
Here's how Brandon looked
Looking strangely peaceful during the c-section (Must have been the meds!)

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  1. you forgot to mention that her sissy got to go back for the whole surgery and catch her when dr w brought her out into this world. i'm so lucky i was the 1st person ( family wise) to hold her!!! and she was born to "pink" by aerosmith! hahaha..leave it to me to tune the radio :)