Monday, February 16, 2009

Back to normal!

We found out today that, tomorrow, Brandon gets to go back to dayshift!!! I am thrilled to get to be a "normal" family again! The evening shift just wasn't working out for us. It was really starting to wear me down, especially now being pregnant. It's going to be so nice having Daddy at home in the evenings to help tame the monsters! Next fall, Brandon is hoping to get back on the streets where all of the action happens! We're praying he'll be able to get Sundays off so he will still be able to go to church in the morning. It's a bit of a stretch, but hopefully everything will work out in our favor!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day! Here are a few of our Valentine's week photos.

My 3 loves

Brady and his 2 loves, his precious babies!!!

Brady and Jack, decked out in red and looking oh so brotherly!

Me and my boys

Brady's preschool class Valentine's Day party. Notice how everyone is wearing red and pink---except Brady, who's mommy dressed him in blue! What a dorky mom! Oh well, at least he stands out in the crowd!

Honeybee class


Monday, February 2, 2009

Photo tag

Devin tagged me to post the fourth photo in the fourth folder on my computer. Apparently I haven't had this laptop that long, because this photo is only from last July. It's a picture of my chunky monkey, Jack, playing in his exersaucer. Boy, I wish I could still put him in that! It sure would be handy now and then! I'm sure Brady would be relieved that it wasn't the picture before this one, since that was of him on the potty! Anyway, here Jack is at about 9 months old!

I don't have very many bloggers that follow mine, and these two haven't been on in a while, but I hope they accept the tag...I tag Carrie and Nadia.

The doctor says...

Well, I went to the doctor today and he says he's 99% sure I'm having a GIRL!!! I still am having a hard time believing it! You see, Brandon's side of the family is very boy-heavy and, as I've read, he determines the sex. After having already had two boys, I figured I was just destined to be a mama of boys. Right now, I find myself feeling really guarded. I want to jump up and down and start buying everything pink in sight but I'm still in disbelief. Could it really be true? I sure hope so! I keep telling myself it is still a little early. After all, I'm only 17 weeks. Although, I was looking at some of the boys' ultrasound pictures from the same time and they do look quite different than this baby's. One of them actually had boy parts pointed out at 14 weeks. Anyway, I'm crazy excited about the prospect a having a sweet little girl! Phew, I'm just glad to know something already! The suspense was killing me! I hardly slept a wink last night because I was so nervous! I should sleep like a rock tonight!