Monday, March 2, 2009

She's still a girl...

I had another Dr appt today and, to my relief, the doctor said my baby is definitely a girl! I am thrilled! Everything looked perfect and she is measuring right on, give or take a week! It looks like the prospective c-section date will be July 7, 2009. Sounds good to me---7 is my favorite number! ;)

I woke up a little early this morning and came downstairs to check the weather before taking a bath. I hear this THUMP THUMP THUMP and look over at the stairs, where I see Brady tromping down! Now, this is odd because he is still in a crib and has never even attempted to get out---until today! I said "Brady, how did you get out of your bed?" Then, he proceeds to tell me this long, cute story of how he climbed out of his bed, gestures included! I guess it's FINALLY time to get him in a big boy bed! UGH, no more leaving him in his crib while I get dressed!!! Oh well, I knew the day would come one of these days. I bet this is going to complicate nap time for sure!

So, since I hadn't gotten my bath yet, I gave Brady a Nutrigrain bar (grainbar, as he calls them) and told him to be a good boy and watch TV for a few minutes while I'm upstairs. Well, several minutes later, of course, he waltzes into my bathroom saying "Mommy, baby Jackie awake." Then, he notices my c-section scar and says "Mommy, what's that thing?" I told him it's where the doctor took him and Jack out of my belly and where our new baby was going to come out. Later, he tells me he has a scar too and lifts up his shirt (to reveal nothing, that I saw). After all, he has a baby sister is his tummy too, as he's always telling me!

Another Brady quickie...He's been doing really well with potty-training lately (YAY), but goes---seriously---every 10 minutes or so (BOO)! I let him go by himself most of the time, unless he needs to poopoo. Anyway, he comes out of the bathroom, rubbing his hands with sanitizer, saying his mouth hurts. I look, and sure enough, it's cut. I'm asking him what happened, trying to dab it with a tissue, and he starts bawling. He tells me he needs medicine to make it feel better, so I finally give him a gummy vitamin. ;) We get him calmed down and he goes to bed. The next morning, his upper lip is all scratched and scabbed. He says "Mommy, my mouth hurt." I'm like, "I know, how did you do that?" He tells me, "I show you" and then goes into the bathroom. I look over and he's coming out with Brandon's razor!!!! Apparently, he had tried to shave!!! I said a little prayer that he hadn't been hurt even worse and promptly put the razor in the cabinet over the toilet. Yikes, that could have been bad!

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