Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Last Day of Preschool/Program

May 21, 2009
Brady's last day of preschool was a short one, followed by the end of the year program. All of the family who could, came. It was so adorable! The theme was "Monkeying Around". They all entered to The Lion King's "Circle of Life" and sang all kinds of cute animal songs! Brady did such a great job! He was so cute up there singing and doing all of his motions---I laughed; I cried. It was awesome to see how far he had come! The begining of the year was full of tears, his and mine. He grew into such a big boy this year and I am so proud of him! His teachers sent home a sweet memory book filled with pictures from the year. Of course, I cried when I read that too! I was kinda far away from the stage, so unfortunately, the pictures didn't really turn out...

Brady's first day of preschool

Brady's last day of preschool

Brady and a very pregnant Mommy

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