Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Today was quite a busy and exciting day! I took Brady to preschool as usual, then went to vote. I couldn't believe that it took 45 minutes! I've never seen the polls so crowded. It was both exciting and nerve-wracking! I found myself praying several times today for God's will to be done in this election. Whatever the outcome, I know He is in control.

We had Jack's 1-year-old pictures taken today by Betsy Gregory. She was so great! I'm really excited to see how they turned out and I'm afraid I'll be buying a ton of pictures! Even though Jack still wasn't quite feeling or acting like himself, he did a great job and managed some beautiful smiles! He is such a precious boy! I'm so in love with him! He clapped for the first time today. My baby is growing up way too fast!

After we picked Brady up from school, we stopped for a late lunch at Taco Bueno. Brady couldn't get enough of the "Sprawberry Pot" (strawberry pop!) and kept calling it "Spaucy" (spicy!). Some of the things he says are so cute! He has really turned into a "big boy" lately. I can't believe he's almost 3!

Right now I'm watching the election coverage and wondering what's next...

Tomorrow's a new day...


  1. Glad to see you started blogging. I'll add you to my blog roll! Have a great day!

  2. I added you to my blog buddies! Now we can have fun blogging together! :)

  3. Yay! You are blogging! It becomes addicting, but I am glad I have it. It's a great baby book/journal!

  4. Hi Megan, It is Susie, Helen's sister. Thanks for including me in your life. Since I don't get to Oklahoma often it is nice to be able to share your thoughts and life this way. You are doing a great job with two toddlers!!

  5. Thanks Susie! I'm glad you're checking out my blog! Good to hear from you!